About Us


In 2009, after 17 years in the brand and generic pharmaceutical industry, President Michael Armstrong started MDA Pharmaceuticals to broker and promote niche generic pharma products in hospital markets. After succeeding in this role, MDA became a distributor and contract agent for branded and generic products in the same field. Soon after, the company partnered with the Juno Pharmaceutical group and adjusted its approach to invest heavily in business development to secure a continuous pipeline of hospital and niche brand products. Most recently, MDA has relocated to a larger location in Oakville, Ontario to accommodate our rapidly increasing infrastructure.

MDA Pharmaceuticals takes continuous pride in providing high-quality, low cost goods to medical clinics and hospitals with extraordinary customer care across Canada while striving to continue rapid-growth in the company. MDA is continuously seeking opportunities to develop a repertoire of branded and generic, niche based products.

With MDA Pharmaceuticals team each having 25+ years of experiencing and the guidance from Juno Pharmaceutical’s team, MDA will continue to serve Canadians and the Canadian health-care system for many years to come.


MDA's board and advisors are private. Through the expertise these members share, MDA's growth is efficient and targeted. Their insight from the pharmaceutical, technology and device industries continues to be invaluable to success.


Mike Armstrong


Mike started his career in pharmaceuticals in 1992 with Astra Pharma (now Astra Zeneca), where he held positions in Operations and Human Resources.

In 1996 he was recruited to manage the rapidly expanding production operations for Genpharm Inc (now Mylan), which grew from a staff of 8 to a staff of 80. In 2001, Mike moved in the commercial area with roles in Strategic Planning and subsequently as Director, Hospital Sales, successfully launching both brand and branded generic products into the Canadian market.

In 2009, Mike founded MDA Inc. where he began assisting partner companies navigate the Hospital environment in addition to providing contracted physician product promotion for smaller brand products. Now focused on the development of a rapidly growing product pipeline, MDA continues to find niche opportunities to differentiate itself amidst the rising competition in Canadian healthcare.